So much more than quality liners

Replacement 300 Claw

From claws to shells,
Conewango has it all

Although Conewango is known best for milking liners, we’re continuously building our line of high-quality dairy accessories. Choose from hoses and nozzles:

  • Jetter Cups 
  • Parlor Washdown Hoses
  • Master Blaster Nozzles
  • Replacement 300E Claw with Plastic Bowl 
  • Polished Stainless Steel 06 Style Shell
  • Jet Spray Nozzles

Replacement 300E Claw with Radel® Plastic Bowl

Replacement 300 Claw

C-300E Replacement Claw vented, with plastic air chambers, silicone gaskets and no shutoff valve.

C-300ESO also available with a shutoff valve.

Plastic Milkrite Style Replacement Shell

Fits Impulse style liners and Evolution X3 – LS.

Jetter Cups and Wash Cups

Conewango Jetter Cups will not leak air. This ensures the water will flow properly through the milking machine during wash and rinse cycles.

Polished Stainless Steel 06 Style Shell

SD-06SS – Rolled edge and length consistent with OEM equipment.

Calf Nipples

A quality calf nipple is an important part of raising a healthy calf. Additional rubber added to the underside of the tip to maintain the integrity of the cut and extend service life.

Parlor Washdown Hose

Three-layer construction adds up to one tough washdown hose. Built to withstand the tough working conditions of today’s progressive dairy operations.

  • Manufactured in three layers for maximum strength and durability
  • Rated to perform in a range of temperatures from -50° to 104° F
  • Available in ten sizes

Washdown Nozzles

Save water and money with Master Blaster. Delivers both powerful cleaning action and considerable water and cost savings over traditional nozzles. 

  • Uses up to 30% less water 
  • Delivers 43.5 psi of cleaning pressure at just 14 gal/minute 
  • Non-slip, nylon rubber grip 
  • Impact-resistant head 
  • Easy-to-adjust spray pattern