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Conewango Products has built its reputation on more than 75 years of consistently high quality and reliable, profitable milking performance. In serving the demanding needs of America’s dairymen, Conewango has developed unique rubber formulations to create the best performing inflations, tubing, and dairy accessories on the market. Our reliability is maintained by keeping the highest quality standards for raw material selection, manufacturing processes, and final inspection. We could go on forever about quality, but the bottom line is what does this mean to the dairyman? Performance – whether we are talking about inflations, tubing, or calf nipples, performance means profitability. We put our reputation on the line every day by offering an unconditional money back guarantee. Performance can be measured any way you would like – slippage, milk-out, or service life. If we can’t out-perform a dairyman’s current brand, we will give them their money back. They are the sole judge. If our performance is superior to their current brand, buy Conewango – you can’t buy any better.

 Guaranteed to outperform your existing liners or your money back

Conewango Products 2018-19 Catalog

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Download our 2018-19 catalog as well as fliers for new and featured products. All downloads are offered as pdfs… more >

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Regardless of the size or location of your farm we can supply you with liners and other dairy equipment that will fit your needs. Our sales force is ready to help you find the right fit… more >
Cald Nipples from Conewango

High Quality Liners and Dairy Accessories

Conewango offers Replacement liners, Evolution Liners and a selection of  Accessories for your dairy including calf nipples, milk tubing, accessories and more all produced with the high quality you expect from Conewango… more >
Quatro Boots from Conewango

Quatro Footwear and Accessories

The next generation in waterproof footwear. Hand-built using natural rubber formulations developed to meet our exacting quality standards, Quatro provides the highest level in comfort and durability… more >