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2015-16 Conewango Products Catalog

2015-16 Conewango Products catalogOur catalog displays a full listing and specification of all our liner groups as well as our tubing, accessories and footwear.

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Triangular Replacement Liners

MR-T3 and MR-T4 Triangular Replacement Liners to fit the Milk-Rite Impulse shell.

  • MR-T3 available in our time tested Conewango natural rubber formulation for superior milking performance in terms of slippage and milk-out with standard service life.
  • MR-T4 available in our proprietary Conewango rubber formulation for extended service life.
  • Available in vented or non-vented versions.
  • Guaranteed to outperform your existing brand or your money back.

Triangular Liners Flyer – English Triangular Liner Flyer – Español


Parlor Washdown Hose

waashdown-hoseTNThree-layer construction adds up to one tough washdown hose.

Conewango Parlor Washdown Hose is built to withstand the tough working conditions of today’s progressive dairy operations.

• Manufactured in three layers for maximum strength and durability
• Rated to perform in a range of temperatures from -50° to 104° F
• Available in six sizes to fit your dairy’s needs

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Clear Green Phthalate-Free PVC Tubing

clear-grerenTNPhthalate-Free PVC, Superior Biocompatibility, Excellent Flexibility

For our customers who are looking for ways to incorporate materials designed with a commitment towards environmental responsibility, we offer our complete line of ClearGreen environmentally friendly PVC tubing.

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Dairy Flow II

Lightweight, high-performance milk tubing

Up to 25% lighter than other co-extruded tubing,  specifically designed to meet the demands of milkers on progressive, high-performing dairy operations. Dairy Flow II is  made to be more durable and easier on the environment.

Download Dairy Flow II Flyer

Master Blaster Nozzle


Save water, save money with Master Blaster Nozzle.

Uses up to 30% less water, and helps you clean up in more ways than one.

Master Blaster delivers both powerful cleaning action and considerable water and cost savings over traditional nozzles. Designed specifically for general washdown and equipment cleaning on U.S. dairy operations, Master Blaster offers a unique combination of benefits:

Download Master Blaster Flyer.

Quatro Boot Flyer


High Spec • High Performance Boots, Socks & More

Conewango is pleased to offer the high spec., high performance boot and footwear line from Skellerup.

To view or download this flyer, click on the button below. The flyer will open on your screen as a pdf file. You can then choose to save it to your computer. This flyer is offered in both English and en Español.

Quatro Boots Flyer – English Quatro Boots Flyer – Español