Jetter Cups

Jetter Cups

Jetter Cups are often viewed as a commodity however they are an important part of the wash system.

Conewango Jetter Cups will not leak air. This insures the water will flow properly through the milking machine during wash and rinse cycles.

Conewango’s natural rubber formulation has superior elasticity giving the jetter cup a better seal and a better wash.

Jetter And Wash Cups


Calf Nipple

Calf Nipple

A quality calf nipple is an important part of raising a healthy calf.

CN-01 – Direct replacement for Merrick’s and most snap-on bottles.
CN-02 – Direct replacement for Merrick, a black polymer for extended life.

Precision cut in the tip of the nipple for longer service life. Additional rubber added to the underside of the vent to maintain air flow.

Parlor Washdown Hose

Parlor Washdown Hose


Conewango Parlor Washdown Hose

Conewango Parlor Washdown Hose is built to withstand the tough working conditions of today’s progressive dairy operations
.• Manufactured in three layers for maximum strength and durability
• Rated to perform in a range of temperatures from -50° to 104° F
• Available in six sizes to fit your dairy’s needs.

Exterior layer features a ribbed surface to resist abrasion from dragging, hooves, concrete and other hard surfaces.

Smooth inner PVC layer minimizes friction and withstands high pressures.

Interior braid fibers are bonded to the inner and outer layers to stand up under water pressures and prolonged UV exposure.

For more information on Conewango Parlor Washdown Hose or Clamps, contact your Conewango dealer representative today.

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